The Premise:
Civilization has fallen. It was no triumph of evil over good, no victory of chaos over order; merely the ebb of the tides that will flow once more, in time. For the dispossessed, among scores of their own dead, it is difficult to see the bigger picture so clearly. As the dwarves say: when you hit rock bottom, raise your walls and dig for riches. In their mighty citadels, doors sealed and muttering fevered prayers to their gods, the dwarves endured. Now, as eerie calm falls across the land, they once again take to the surface.

In the aftermath of the great fall, two organizations were formed. Anvil, dedicated to using what knowledge has been preserved and recovered to lay the foundations of new and greater empires, and Hammer, the muscle necessary to keep that foundation safe.

You are a newly recruited Hammerite, part of a caravan of reinforcements bound for the town of Anterloch. Sergeant Pane is your commanding officer, a surly human woman who has seen too many recruits die to care about your batch in anything more than a professional capacity.

Anterloch resides near the mouth of a verdant canyon, the stone walls covered in thick vines and massive trees. The rainfall is heavy, the climate humid. Dense bogs litter the flatter landscape around the town, and more creatures than birds rustle the foliage in the night.

The Town of Anterloch:
Anterloch is dwarven-built, human-inhabited city, rare in the old days but fast becoming common in the new world. Spacious and impressive, it is a ghost town littered with unfinished buildings and unimproved foundations. Most of the city is uninhabited. The Anvilites are hard at work raising buildings and defensive fortifications, but most who inhabit the city are either among them, or among the Hammerites protecting them. Only a few traders and crafters dare to make the dangerous journey out to Anterloch.

Frontier's Forge

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