Dr. Samia Butcher


Name: Dr. Samia Butcher
Age: 24
Race: Halfling (Lightfoot)
Class: Cleric
Background: Commoner


Samia grew up watching her parents dissect animals for food, naming and separating the parts according to their utility, but with no thought to their original purpose. Her curiosity and sympathy led her to seek more knowledge and use it to alleviate the pain of others, first creatures, and then her own people as they traveled by caravan through the remnants of the world. She was eventually singled out by the clerics of Yondalla, and learned how to apply magic where mundane means failed.

Still, her affinity for suture and scalpel over prayer—and her unmasked disdain for those who refused to pursue any practical knowledge—separated her from the other clerics. When given the opportunity to continue traveling or set up her own medical facility in Anterloch, she said a tearful goodbye to her family, resolving to prove her worth to the town and its people.

Dr. Samia Butcher

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