Ronan Everedge

A young half-elven hero going by the name of THE GREEN KNIGHT.


Name: Ronan Everedge
Age: 22
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Background: Noble


Every other day another letter comes in: from his brother, from his sister, from his mother. Ronan has twenty of them, now, tucked into the pack they make him carry everywhere. And he only just left home last month.

Ronan Everedge isn’t your typical run-away. First of all, he told his parents where he was going. Second of all, he’s never had anything to run away from. Sure, he never knew his human parents, but it didn’t matter much. And when he was growing up, it was kind of nice having parents that were his size—his father could never put the fresh-baked pies out of his reach, saving him from spoiling his dinner, after all.

When he developed an interest in his books, his parents bought him piles of them. When he took an interest in the plays that came to town, his parents hired the troupers on to teach him. But it wasn’t about the books, or the plays, it was about what was inside of them: Ronan loved heroes, but there weren’t many of those left. They were all in stories, and now people were out their fighting on their own. And for the most part, they were losing.

So when a regiment of the Hammerites came through town on a mission, he didn’t hesitate. His parents worry—after all, he’s only 22, which is basically a baby—and it would be easy to sit back in his home town and lead an easy life. They had plenty of money.

But Ronan never wanted money, he was after something bigger. Destiny. Heroics. Theatrics.

Called to what he thinks is his destiny, Ronan will become the symbol that the people need. By day he’s Ronan Everedge, noble son, but by night he ’s the masked figure, THE GREEN KNIGHT!

And for his first test, The Green Knight has gone abroad with the Hammerites—away from home and everything he’s known, towards adventure, towards chaos, towards Anterloch.

Ronan Everedge

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