Frontier's Forge

The First Session

Our party is a relatively new band of adventurers recruited to the Hammerite cause under the command of Sergeant Paine. On the way to the Dwarven town of Anterloch where they’ll begin their first real work, they encounter a group of fellow Hammerites having a set-back on the road.

An old Dragonborn has happened upon the Hammerite guards and disturbed them with his talk of tracking monsters. The adventurers, eager to help, decide to help the Dragonborn track down this monster who is, supposedly, eating brains.

After being waylaid in the forest by over-eager wolves, the party barely survives only to realize that one of the guards (Rembrandt) has turned traitor and run off. After the battle, Samia confirms that the wolves have in fact had their brains eaten by some mysterious menace.

Accompanying the two remaining guards, they head into the woods on the trail of Rembrandt.

Sergeant Paine and the rest of the caravan go on ahead into Anterloch, trusting our party of adventurers to sort things out. In the woods they find a mysterious stone structure and proceed to look for Rembrandt inside.

Ronan steps on a trap and almost incinerates himself entirely.

The party bravely advances inward, encountering monsters hidden in mist that they can’t see through. After discovering a way to shut off the mist, they shortly after encounter Rembrandt and a mysterious man.

A fight ensued and Rembrandt and the mysterious man are killer.

A brain parasite leaps out of the Mysterious Man’s skull and attacks! The party gives chase.

Our session ends with the death of the parasite.



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