Frontier's Forge

The Second Session

Picking up where we last left off, the party finds themselves in a stone structure of sorts.

They pilfer a few books and coins (some more than others—AHEM, DRAGONBORN) and find a paper with a strange symbol on it. None of the party is able to identify said symbol.

The Sergeant of the Hammerite Guards from session one are still missing their sergeant who disappeared some time the previous night. After giving it a go of tracking the sergeant and finding the trail of a mythical, flying beast, the party comes to the realization that there’s nothing they can do right then to save the Sergeant.

Relenting, they head north into Anterloch to meet up with their Sergeant.

Sergeant Paine is pleased to see the party alive and well again. She allows them to keep whatever bounty they find on the adventure and tells them to relax for the rest of the night. A few of the party members share drinks, but other than that the night is uneventful.

The next morning, the party goes about personal business until meeting for lunch, when they discuss their plan on going back out into the woods. But before they can leave, a Dwarven soldier comes up asking for help.

The party rushes down after the Dwarf only to find trouble in the form of zombies and skeletons. A mysterious red-clad figure calls out the party before disappearing.

After managing to defeat all of the enemies in the room, the party is confronted with a choice: to continue adventuring below ground after the red-clad figure or to go back up into the woods and try to find the missing Sergeant.



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