Frontier's Forge

The Third Session

The gang heads back into the woods to rescue the still-missing Sergeant Tennant. After getting lost on the trail for a little while, they finally find the sergeant conversing with a few masked figures in the woods.

The figures quickly depart and the gang agrees to help the sergeant fight the beast that’s been tracking him. Shortly after, the beast attacks and they soundly beat the beast down.

Back in Anterloch, the sergeant thanks them and asks for their names. Ronan supplies his, but everyone else remains strangely silent. Perturbed, the sergeant turns and walks away, never getting their names.

The gang spends the night in town resting up and getting back to full health.

Bright and early the next day they descend back beneath the building and into a mysterious maze of tunnels. A few silent, zombie-fied dwarves stand around and a couple of skeletons give attack. Other than that, the tunnels are empty.

The team descends deeper into the caves, via a pit, only to quickly encounter a large, acid-spewing beasty. Trapped in the tunnels, they fight for their lives and only just manage to survive after most of them are badly wounded and Ulfgar is taken down, briefly.



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